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One month after first treatment. Bottom portion treated.  Top portion left untreated.  Both top and bottom shaved at the same time before the treatment. The bottom portion still had not been shaved since the treatment.




nicole bikini

Laser hair removal will give dramatic results to the bikini area! It saves this local model a lot of time and gives her a lot more confidence.






Results from Laser Hibiscus Facial.  Notice the reduction of cystic acne and fading of acne scarring. Left side before, right side after.






Very noticeable difference. This is also from the Laser Hibiscus facial.  Notice how much tighter the skin is and also the reduction of acne.  This client was very happy.





The new Skin Cryo handpiece integrates the Zimmer Cryo 6 skin cooling device with the Quanta Light A Star.  This makes the the treatment safer and less painful.





Friends getting lasered together!






Permanant hair removal for bodybuilders is a must!  Smooth skin and no more ingrown hairs and razor burn!  This is our favorite local bodybuilder!





Check out the difference when broken vessels are taken care of on the side of the nose.






Freedom Laser Hair Removal proudly helped sponsor Cierra and Chae to represent Hawaii in the World’s Perfect Pageant and Model Search in Florida. They both made the top 15 in the world. Way to represent Hawaii and the North Shore!





The back of the neck (nape) is a popular area to treat for those that wear their hair up a lot.  This client loves the clean look that this treatment has given her.




monsNotice how the shadow of hair has disappeared after this brazilian treatment! This treatment gives a very clean look and helps get rid of the irritation and ingrown hairs that are common in this area. 






Underarm treatments are very popular!  Look how the shadow of hair and irritation from shaving has gone away. 

Summer Special: 3 treatments for $175





Big time hair removal on the chest and abdominal areas!  Notice how only blonde hair is left.